About Hip-Hop
Conventionally, Hip-Hop is thought of as consisting of four main elements: DJ'ing, Dance, MC'ing, and Graffiti.

For a long time, Hip-Hop was connotative with criminal activity and "lesser" society, a stereotypical image perpetuated by an ignorant media. However, true Hip-Hop is not criminal in nature: its origins at what is sometimes thought of as the lowest margins of our society only means that it has been deeply influenced by injustice and inequality. The voice of rebellion and reform that is often present in Hip-Hopís expressive channels is often a direct result of that.

About This Site
This site offers insight into Hip-Hop culture, dispelling myths about Hip-Hop, especially with regards to MCís and lyricism, while offering information in an entertaining and interactive medium.

About The Webmaster
Clifford Chinn, the webmaster, has been actively involved in the Seattle-area's Hip-Hop scene for several years. A long time club and mobile DJ, and beginning breakdancer, he has a broad range of interest, as well as a strong passion for Hip-Hop.